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If you need to upgrade your kitchen or bathroom or want to add another room,  we can do it for you.
Thomas Nelson Construction Fresno
Long known for his outstanding finish work, Tom brings the same attention to detail into every phase of your project.
From framing to finish, you can rest assured that every facet of the process will be top quality.
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Green is the new buzz word.

As one of the first to embrace energy
effenciency and the development of Solar
Energy when they were in their infancy,
Thomas Nelson Construction was a
pioneer and innovator in the "Green
Revolution" long before it was fashionable.

Now you can benefit from that
Remodels & Restorations

When disaster strikes from  fire, flood or other
catastrophies, many homeowners rely on their
insurance adjusters to compute the correct appraisal.

It has been our experience that some adjusters miss
some of the amenities you have added to your home.
This results in a settlement of less than you are
entitled to. We will work with the insurance company,
on behalf of the homeowner to get the full amount
due, often a considerable amount over the initial
settlement offer.
Thomas Nelson Construction Fresno
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