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The cholesterol molecule is a wax like fatty substance, which comes from a family of molecules known as steroids. The cholesterol molecule is
present in our blood, as well as all the cells in body tissue. A cholesterol molecule does not enter our bodies through food, but is made by
different parts of our body. Body tissues that have highly packed membranes, such as the liver, arethoma, etc are known to produce more
cholesterol molecules and have more cholesterol present in their cells. A form of the cholesterol molecule, if present in large numbers in our
bodies, can form deposits known as plaque on the walls of our arteries, which can in turn block the flow of blood supply and cause heart
problems. But, the cholesterol molecule also plays an important part in the following: In the formation of sex hormones (so definitely can’t be all
bad). Cholesterol molecules help the cells to withstand temperature fluctuations and also protect the nerve fibers. Cholesterol molecules help
in digestion of food through production of bile salts. HDL Cholesterol molecules act as a broom and sweep LDL Cholesterol molecules from the
arteries. The conversion of Vitamin D from sunlight is helped by the cholesterol molecule. Thus, the cholesterol molecule is essential for bodily
functions, but as forms of it can be harmful in increased quantities, people should control the amounts of cholesterol molecules present in their
bodies. This can be best done through improved diet, and lifestyle and, when called for, through the short term use of certain medications.